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Empowered Women In Trades (EWIT) provides a win-win fix to Australia’s skills shortage issues and the pink recession, whereby women have been disproportionally affected by the negative financial impacts of COVID19.

The EWIT Pledge Platform

With this platform, we are shifting the dynamics of our industry to allow greater access to resources, so more workers feel supported to thrive in industry trades and pursue successful careers. There can be no prosperous high streets without healthy backstreets and we need more skilled workers, as industries and firms contemplate a robust post-COVID economy.

What’s involved?

The Pledge is a platform where industry and individuals can publicly commit to improving the culture within their industries creating supportive and safe environments that are welcoming and supportive for women.

The Pledge initiative ensures members will commit to providing opportunities and support for females to commence and continue careers within skilled trades. The Pledge is a paid members model that provides access to resources to assist corporations and individuals to create the essential culture change within their industries.

The EWIT Pledge

The Benefits You’ll get from Bringing Diversity into Your Business

Listen to Hacia explain some of the benefits of gender diversity for businesses

The Pledge

Commits to:
In response to:

Increase awareness of trades
as an option for women

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Due to traditional gender roles in society, many women remark: “I never thought trades were an option for me’. Empowered Women in Trades (EWIT) targets this issue by engaging educators to promote trade skills as a suitable and attractive means for a career and economic independence for women.

Increasing the number of
female apprentices in TAFE

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This has fallen by more than 10% in the past five years. EWIT is engaging with primary, secondary and TAFE to make our human capital sustainable into the future.

Providing safety for females
and employers


EWIT provides resources to employers to develop a safer workplace and improve industry experiences for women as well as all stakeholders.

Reduce unconscious bias
through education

Divider education

Women still have to overcome barriers to; see trades as a viable option and be seen as skilled in their field. Through mentorship, workshops and specialised training, we aim to empower females with the multidisciplinary skills they need for professional success with trades and educate their potential employers and colleagues to see them as equal, valuable and contributing tradespeople.

Your EWIT Pledge membership will:

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Solidify your company as a leader of corporate responsibility and innovation.

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Increase opportunities in the workforce for women to thrive and pursue successful careers.

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Respond to economic pressures with the necessary resources, programs and platforms to support industry growth.

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