About Us


At Empowered Women in Trades (EWIT) we are champions of tradeswomen, diversity and gender equality. Our mission is to transform the trades industry by empowering women and non-binary people in skilled trades, whilst fostering a culture of inclusivity.

In collaboration with educational institutions and industry leaders, we aim to increase women’s role in learning the trade skilled required for people and industry to thrive. Within our organisational group we have both a social enterprise and charity arm each with a unique focus.

Social Enterprise 

Our Social Enterprise arm is dedicated to supporting women and non-binary people in trades and promoting gender equality within male-dominated industries. Through our innovative talent attraction programs, we aim to increase female & non-binary representation in skilled trades. Breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes, we create opportunities for women & non-binary people to thrive and excel in their chosen skilled trade career.

“Definitely recommend this program to my friends, I was only here one day and what I have learnt is mind-blowing”


EWIT is for industry leaders to foster practical solutions to address these skills shortage in trades in collaboration with other key stakeholders. Through EWIT, we will inspire more women / non-binary to learn a trade and secure that pathway into a lucrative industry career.

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Women / Non-binary need to be aware that trades are an attractive and viable career option.

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Women / Non-binary must be proactively recruited and have access to strong career pathways.

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Workplaces must be inclusive and adaptive to ensure women / non-binary want to stay in the industry.

Our Objective

Is to increase women & non-binary people’s participation in the Australian economy and provide a platform for women & non-binary people working in industry to gain support and access jobs that have the legal, cultural, social and economical resources for their career development and success in trades.

Australia is ready for women & non-binary to be empowered with industry trade skills to help resolve the national skills shortages across certified trades and apprenticeship placements.

EWIT has a practical solution by providing a platform where women & non-binary people can see trades as a viable pathway.


I learnt to not be afraid and to speak up and ask questions. I’ve learnt to not be afraid of my own fears and to step outside my comfort zone and watch the magic happen. Lack of experience is not the barrier;
my confidence is! Thanks, EWIT