EWIT Awards

Why the awards matter

Empowered Women in Trades (EWIT) is at the forefront of reshaping the trades industry, championing diversity and dismantling traditional barriers. Our mission goes beyond just training; we are a movement dedicated to creating a more inclusive future, where trades are defined by passion, not gender. The EWIT Awards spotlight and celebrate those individuals and initiatives driving this transformative change. Moreover, the support garnered from these awards directly fuels our charity programs, amplifying our impact on vulnerable women and non-binary individuals.

“These awards are a testament to the power of diversity, resilience and innovations of our trade industries”

– Hacia atherton

Orlagh Brady

– EWIT Tradie Lady of the Year 2022

“Being the winner of the inspiring tradie lady award in 2023 for me was one of the most powerful forms of recognition I have ever received for my skills, dedication and achievements throughout my time in the construction industry.

The opportunities and effects of the EWIT awards and networking event is definitely going to ripple through time, fostering a more inclusive and diverse environment where women and non binary people can follow their passions without limits. EWIT continues to open doors to opportunities and has made their mark within the women in trades community. A big thank you to Hacia, Hannah & Mel.”


Judges will be evaluating nominations based on demonstrated excellence in the field, commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, innovative practices or initiatives, and the overall impact on the trades industry. Specific criteria details for each award category can be found in the nomination form.

Absolutely! We encourage individuals and organisations to recognise their own achievements and nominate themselves. Alternatively, peers, colleagues, or other industry professionals can also submit nominations on behalf of deserving individuals or companies.

Upon submitting your nomination, you’ll receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt. All nominees will be informed about the results of the judging process on the 20th of November 2023 and announced at the the EWIT Gala and Awards event.