Meet the Team



“You have total control over your actions, responses and choices. Choose to be a good human, show kindness and leave your impact on the world no matter how big or small.”


Executive Director

“EWIT is a fantastic organisation working towards a vital and important goal – 30% female representation in skilled trades by 2030. Along the way we hope to provide pathways for thousands of women to have lucrative and exciting careers and change these industries for the better.”


Program Manager

“With education come choice, with choice comes power. I love being a part of the EWIT community that empowers, challenges and supports women to become who the are meant to be (and maybe a little bit more)”


Marketing Manager

“Empowerment & Support: these words have always been instilled within me. I am always grateful for the support and community that believes in my potential and pushes me further to do better, one day at a time. Together, we’re rewriting the narrative.”